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The History Of solar energy Power and Where is it now. 

  So here we are today looking to get solar energy power in Port St Lucie Florida but where did this all start? Well in 1839 the first solar cell was created by a nineteen-year old French physicist name Alexandre Edmond Becquerel, if only he would have known the major step he was involved in so one day I could be standing right here today to get my solar energy panels in Port St Lucie. You see he was experimenting with metal electrodes and acidic solution, a total accident. solar energy port st lucie.

​  Charles Fritts in 1883 was the first person to make a functioning solar panels system. But if he was the only one that did come up with one it's likely that we wouldn't be buying solar energy power panels in Port St Lucie today or for that matter anywhere else. You see his solar panels system only had a conversion rate of only 1% making them extremely inefficient. His solar energy panels were made from selenium wafers, making them tremendously limited. solar power port st lucie.

  In 1888 Edward Weston receives the first U.S. patent for a solar energy cell system. He was the reason so many others were going in that direction as it bought so much more interest which in the end led to the creation of more efficient solar energy panels. solar panels port st lucie.

​  But in 1901 Nikola Tesla receives the first U.S. patent for what was called the first solar energy panels. This could be seen as the moment of truth. Because if it wasn't for that back than we could not even dream of buying solar energy power systems in Port St Lucie today. solar energy port st lucie florida.

  In 1905 Einstein introduces the photoelectric theory and even though I would love to give him full credit for todays solar energy power or solar energy panels I simply can't. Because it was Robert Millikan who performs an the experiment on Einstein’s theory proving the photoelectric effect theory. An other words they both needed each other to make sense of it. That being said it was Einstein who won the Nobel Prize for his 1905 theory in 1922. solar power port st lucie florida.

​  And here's where things get more interesting. in 1954 the First high power silicon solar PV cell was created successfully. It was created by three physicists at Bell Labs. Their names were Gerald Pearson, Calvin Fuller, and Daryl Chapin. They were able to increases energy conversion efficiency and without this solar energy power conversion the solar power panels just would have never made sense to purchase as the price for the product would be to high for the return.  solar panels port st lucie florida.

​   1963 the Sharp Corporation started a mass production of solar panels. The solar energy power panels was mostly used by governments at the time. This was do to the price of the solar power panels and the fact that energy was more affordable compare to today. solar energy systems port st lucie.

  NASA launches the first satellite in 1964 with a 470watt PV array solar energy panels system. This was the only way NASA would be able to use renewable energy from that far away. Otherwise the satellite would not have any sustainable energy. solar power systems port st lucie.

​  Research were able to drive PV costs down by 80% in 1970, allowing solar energy power to be used for different solar energy needs. However the price was still to high for your everyday family to afford as the rate conversion was still costly. solar energy power panels port st lucie.

  The First solar energy powered building is was created in 1973 showing the world were the future was headed. This building was at the University of Delaware and it was known as ''Solar One''. 

  The U.S. Department of Energy establishes the U.S. Solar Energy Research Institute in 1977 making sure the U.S. would not fall behind other countries like China or Russia. 

​  in 2005 the U.S. had put out the Energy Policy Act giving a 30% tax credit for any commercial or residential solar energy power systems, this would apply to anyone who got solar energy panels from January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2007. 

  Between 2010 and 2018 was the beginning of large solar production factories. China had gotten in the business of solar power panels making the prices even lower. 

​  Somewhere between 2012 and 2015 the cost of residential solar energy systems became affordable to the point that even banks started financing programs. 

​  It was in 2015 that Congress extends the federal income tax credit, making solar energy power more enticing to the average person.

Fidelity Solar Energy Of Port St Lucie Florida opens a location to offer solar power panels in Port St Lucie Florida

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