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Las Vegas is booming like never before and homes are selling once again, I know scary. But what has been created is a huge market for home accessories. And Window blinds has taken the Blinds Las Vegas by storm. Some companies have popped out of nowhere so be careful. Sun Off Blinds of Las Vegas is the most experienced blinds outlet in Las Vegas and have seen some crazy handyman work. What we mean by that is handyman may be able to do many things but window blinds should not be one of them. It's a fact that blinds should be installed by blinds Las Vegas professionals.

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Ben from Sun Off Shutters and Solar Screens of Las Vegas will help other companies if they need it. 

​We've seen to many customers get taken by unexperienced Las Vegas blinds companies and would like the industry to be more regulated so as of the Summer of 2018 we are trying to line up a blinds school installation in Las Vegas so the blinds Las Vegas industry would be taken more seriously as we do at Sun Off Blinds Las Vegas department. For any more information please call 702-910-0800. 

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